• Can you take complex requirements and transform them into beautiful, intuitive, and functional designs?

    If your answer is yes, you might be the Junior Designer we're looking for.​

  • You will be

    Handling design in all its forms

    You will be handling the creative side of a project starting with the analytical part leading all the way up to the creative part. Always promoting design guidelines, best practices and standards. From UI/UX designs, to branding, animation, and campaigns.

    Reaching beyond your screen

    A designer's job neither begins nor ends sitting in front of a screen. Meeting clients and identifying their needs, conducting user research, and constantly following up with the team constitute the base for a smart, functional design.

    An endless source of creativity

    Design is your thing, and we will use it against you! Whether you want to redesign the office space, launch a campaign for better coffee at the office, or uplift our social media, we're always up for a change. The office would definitely be less fun without you!

  • We only work with great people.

    The ideal designer should be a go-getter who is driven by their ambition to make things happen. We're definitely paying attention to you in case:

    • You know the basics of design, print and/or web and have some cool stuff to show us. 
    • You're interested in learning more about UI/UX, and have dabbled in web and mobile design. 
    • You have good written and verbal communication skills in English, and if you know some Arabic that's even better.
    • You like dogs and lunch-time riddles!

    Aside from that, we will teach you all you need to know, as long as you like challenges and learning new shiny things.

  • We are building the company and team we always dreamt of working with. Investing in our people and their happiness is our priority.


    Check out some of the perks of working with us.

    Company equity

    We believe in building things together, which is why every team member owns a share of the company!

    We've got you covered!

    Health insurance, life & disability insurance, social security, and a retirement plan cover you every step of the way.

    Bring your pet to work

    If you are worried your dog / cat / hamster is feeling lonely at home while you're at work, Diego and Lucy need company.

    Gym membership

    Everyone is bound to gain a couple of pounds the first month. Make up for that during the rest of the year!

    Healthy breakfast

    The kitchen fridge is always stocked with healthy breakfast basics :) YUM

    The usual stuff

    Did we forget anything? Oh yes, a laptop, transportation, bonus, flexible work-hours and the occasional work-from-anywhere.

  • If you think Crab Notion is the right match for you, shoot us an email at hireme@crabnotion.com with the following:

    Latest version of your CV or personal website, your digital or online portfolio, and a cover letter stating why you'd want to join our team.

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