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Loving every day

Lebtivity is your social calendar for events!

Through a one of a kind user-friendly interface, Lebtivity enables users to search for all kinds of activities, share plans with friends and create their own events!

Get ready to organize your life, one event at a time, by checking out the latest activities posted on Lebtivity and picking the ones that suit you best.


Branding & Identity


Business cards, bookmarks, envelopes and letterheads.

Icons system
An icon system was developed to reflect Lebtivity's different categories. These icons are used on a wide range of collateral including ads, animation, t-shirts, posts, and banners.

Visual infographics were created for Lebtivity's Media Kit. Lebtivity's brand colors and visuals were included in the designs. Notice: The information seen below is outdated

Print Design

We've produced many printed ads for lebtivity. As well as large scale banners and flags to be placed in events.

Stand Design & Execution

BDL Accelerate Stand Design
Lebtivity is always present in conferences and exhibitions. We've developed numerous stands to fit each event's purpose and cause.

Ted x Social Space
A large scale typographic map was produced asking people to pin their favorite activities and locations. It was a form of mapping of all the amazing activities happening in the country.

Car Free Day Stand
Lebtivity is a constant participant in the car free days. The team is setting up the stand for the upcoming beautiful day.

The lebTVty was created to interview people about their day and introduce them to Lebtivity. It also doubled as a fun prop for pictures!


Recycle Campaign

When the garbage crisis took place in Lebanon, Lebtivity wanted to actively participate in finding solutions. So we developed an online campaign addressing the different aspect of recycling. Other that converting their offices to a waste free environment, they collected a list of recycling and up-cycling organizations, as well as tips for the everyday user to minimize waste. As a result, we created helpful infographics and let social media do it's job!

Lebtivity's 3rd Anniversary Campaign

To celebrate Lebtivity's 3rd anniversary and animation was produced to illustrate Lebtivity's accomplishments over the past 3 years. A large campaign was built around the number 3, and Lebtivity was able to give out 33 winners, 3 gifts each! The campaign took any forms of which an animation, a newsletter, numerous post designs, stand designs, and product design.

Online Presence

Social Media Visuals

We produces a large amount of visuals to showcase different aspects of lebtivity. We showcase new features, top events, holidays, campaigns and weekly post series.

Stop Motion Animation

To celebrated Lebtivity's 2nd anniversary, an animation was created to telling the story of how lebtivity was created and how it has grown over the course of 2 years.

UI/UX Design

Responsive Web App Design

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