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Budget management for project teams

Jellyfish is a budget management web app for project teams. It helps teams collaborate easily to take control of their project financials without breaking a sweat!

Branding & Identity

Jellyfish Labs are a startup whose main objective is building their web app: budget management for project teams. The identity plays around the idea of transparency of the jellyfish, whether within the logo or through the business cards.

Having to attend numerous conferences and workshops, what better way to spread brand awareness than through t-shirts!

The primary colors of the identity are magenta, warm yellow, and blue-green. This post series was created to inform the users of the benefits Jellyfish can provide for them.

We also developed this informative animation targeted towards NGO's to help them understand what problems Jellyfish can help them solve.

UI/UX Design

We've designed Jellyfish's website as well as their web app. You can check out their website at and ask for a demo for Jellyfish!

Exhibitions & Conferences

Informative bookmarks that double as referral vouchers. They were given out during the BDL Accelerate Conference.

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