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We build amazing web apps

gtlogic is a team of passionate multidisciplinary people who love to take on innovative challenges. The web is their tool in the change they aspire to make; they seek to use and contribute to improving it without moderation. They believe in the potential that technology and the web have to offer.

They write code for fun!
This means they enjoy experimentation and innovation; they cannot rest if it’s “just another job” and they’re stuck doing the same thing.

Their goal is to ship fast and never stop iterating; the product is alive and should never stop evolving.

Branding & Identity


Business cards, envelopes, letterheads, and internal notebooks. The notebooks were made from leftover letterheads from their old identity.

Space Design

gtlogic needed some help turning an old clothes shop into a nice space to sit, relax, and share ideas.


We're hiring Campaign

gtlogic was growing and needed quite a few new recruits, and so the fun began! We developed intriguing visuals that reflect gtlogic's young and fun culture. The visuals were then used on social media as well as dedicated websites. The main structure of the campaign consisted of a main website and then 3 sub-sites for each job.

Online Presence

Anyone who visits the gtlogic offices always feels at home. We've produced a few posts for social media conveying these moments.

We developed a system of floating screenshots on full bleed colors to showcase their work.

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